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The process of buying a home is not as obvious as it may seem. There are lots of things that you must know before you make your decision. No matter the size of the home, we want to educate you on your new purchase. You will need an experienced certified home inspector to help you to know the home you will be buying. Making this transaction a value to you is important to our success. I will make sure that you understand the condition of your prospective home before I leave. Most of what your inspection will reveal will be maintenance recommendations and minor imperfections. These are valuable to know about. We will be looking froward to working with you as a new home buyer.
    My Expertise: 
  • Expert knowledge with 40+ years of experience in construction. 
  • Lecturer & instructor who taught classes at Ann Arundel Community College
     for New Real Estate Realtors for years.
  • Immediate documention of your inspection with 18 page book of notes.
  • Electronic copy with photos sent to you and the realtor.
  • Active, ASHI/NAHI #12371,IESO, MDE, FBEC, Pro-Lab Member #PLP10262,                  United Insp.Consultants # NI 4583, NAOREP # 202149                                                    
  •   Building Specs Inc.  2001/ 2007  Bronze Affiliate award 2002.                      
            MD. Home Inspector License #29686  
  • Extensive knowledge of the home industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • On-going free phone consultations service as long as you own your home.
  • One stop shop for environmental testing (Radon,Water, Mold and Septic)
 The home inspection issues that really matter will fall into four categories
  1. Major defects: An example of this would be structural failure.
  2. Conditions that usually lead to major defects, such as a small roof flashing leak.
  3. Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home.
  4. Safety hazards, such as an exposed, live buss bar at the main electric panel.
 Most home sellers are honest and are often surprised to learn of defects uncovered during an inspection. Realize that sellers are under no obligation to repair everything mentioned in the report. Because no home is perfect, it is important as a buyer to keep things in perspective. It is not customary to demand that a seller address deferred maintenance or conditions already listed on the seller's disclosure statements. Many times the home owner has already decided whether to repair an item or not prior to your showing. But you can ask for money to be taken off the selling price so you can do the repairs that might be needed. 
I am dedicated to my clients' needs and won't stop working until you are completely satisfied. I believe in straightforward, honest communication. I would be honored to represent you and make your transaction a pleasant and stress-free one. Give us a call before your next purchase. I want to THANK YOU for stopping by and for you business.
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